New Garage and Test Course

We would like to proudly anounce that Hori-Fujimoto Lab newly constructed a garage and test course.

New Test Course

A new test course was constructed at Kashiwa Campus in Febuary, 2012.

Experiments using electric vehicles are being done on this course.

Now that we have a course that we could use exclusively, we could perform experiences more frequently, and more safely.

The course is made by asphalt that drains water quickly, experiments can be done soon after rain stops.
Because the course is very even and flat, we could now achive more accurate results.

Thanks to our new ideal course, students' enthusiasm towards their research has been increased.

Experiment done using the new test course.

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New Garage and Workspace

A new garage was constructed in Kashiwa Campus in March 2012.

Vehicles of Hori-Fujimoto Lab are kept in this garage.
The workspace has charging facilities equiped inside.
Maintainace, specification changes, checks on new programs are done here.

We can now prepare for the experiments more efficiently in our workspace.

FPEV2-Kanon getting maintained in the new workspace.

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